The Advantages of Lightweight Aggregate Plant:

1. Save investment cost: it only takes about one eighth of the expense needed for building a aerated concrete production line with the same planned productivity; quick cost-recovering: about half a year, the investment cost can be reclaimed.

2. Raw materials involve pulverized coal ash, gangue, tailings powder and other industrial residue, which protects the land, prevents pollution and save much source.

Lightweight Aggregate Plant

3. It has many advantages: good mechanical performance, semi-mechanization production, reasonable processing set-up, simple operation and maintenance, economical and safe operation.

4. The single one production line can finish producing various products. For example, once changing the mould, we are able to produce ceramsite hollow blocks, hollow bricks and standard bricks.

5. Compared with the aerated concrete, the ceramsite concrete bricks featuring high strength, light weight and strong mortar adsorption capacity can reduce the building weight by 30-35%, save 20-50% steel and enlarge the applicable area by about 5%, which leads the buildings to own advantages of compact structure, good heat preservation performance, environment protection, sound insulation, fire proofing, acid-base resisting, corrosion resistance and low construction cost etc.

The Introduction of Lightweight Aggregate Plant:

At present, the ceramsite sand production line as one kind of the lightweight aggregate plant or light weight expanded clay aggregate production line tends to adopt the industrial rotary kiln. The cylindrical main kiln is placed on the idler pulley with the horizontal dip angle of 3degree. Materials enter the kiln from the upper end and then fall to the bottom end of the kiln which is rotating. Meanwhile, at the kiln head, the high pressure draught fan sprays the cola powder or the natural gas to the kiln and then burns it completely. The heat makes materials experience physical and chemical changes. They swell and then are cooled to finished ceramsite.

The ceramsite sand production line is made up of raw material storage bin, dust-settling compartment, induced draft fan, coal powder injection and control cabinet. The feeder set at the bottom of the raw material storage bin, and the revolution and the coal quantity of the kiln are both continuously viable in order to adjust the technical parameters and to realize the highest yield on the premise of good quality.